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Archive/Interview: Bill Nye

Emily VanKoughnett // Staff Writer

Originally published on the old KLC Tumblr blog: November 9, 2014

Bill Nye is the Science Guy. The man with the bow tie who inspired a generation of students to explore, be curious about the world around them, and set out to change it for the better. Lewis & Clark had the great privilege to host this inspirational speaker and childhood figure last month. Bill did not disappoint. With a cozy living room set up, it felt like Bill was speaking to a small, intimate crowd, when truthfully that’s the most packed I’ve ever seen the Pamplin gymnasium. The crowd of mostly students was on their feet, cheering and stomping. It was amazing to hear that someone who we’ve loved and admired for years loves and admires us too. He made us laugh, he made us think, and he did it all in a smooth and effortless manner. I couldn’t imagine a more college-worthy speech – something so encouraging of continued self-education. Plus, it encouraged two of Lewis & Clark’s core tenants: exploration and discovery. In the words of the man himself: science is the joy of discovery, science is why we’re here … to change the world.

Nick Pimentel and I had a chance to sit down with Bill after his talk. We chatted about his current media campaign for scientific facts, innovation, and (of course) his favorite jams. Thank you to Alec Speckenbach for the audio and a big thanks to Bill for sitting down with us. Check out KLC’s exclusive chat with Bill below!


This post is part of The KLC blog Archive. The previous & now defunct KLC blog, formally known as The Umbrella, can be found here.


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