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A Chat with "Triathalon"’s Adam Intraror

KPH Director Chloe Pullman spoke with Adam Intraror of Triathalon for a brief chat about young people and music. Triathalon’s newest album, “Spin,” came out in June 2022.

Chloe Pullman: Do you have any advice for young musicians just starting out?

Adam Intraror: I would say don’t focus on the quality of your recordings, just focus on the idea. If the melody and song are good- no need to stress on how it sounds until you have the proper budget. And make what feels right to you, something that you would want to listen to. Don’t make something just to appeal to others.

Also you don’t need fancy equipment / instruments to make good music.

CP: If you were going to run a triathlon tomorrow, what songs would get you to the finish line?

AI: Cloudy by Daphni, New Wave by Sam Gellaitry and Sea Bird by Innovations

CP: When you do you feel most creative and inspired?

AI: When I’m either extremely in-love or extremely heart broken.

CP: Is there anything you would like to say to the college students reading this?

AI: Life is short. be nice to others and love yourself. Don’t be afraid to do what makes you happy even if the people around you don’t understand. And wear ear plugs when you go to concerts.


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