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KPH Staff Photo (1989)

Courtesy of Lewis and Clark College digital archives

Board of Directors

Spring '23

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Max Simon '23

Max Simon (he/him)

General Manager

Howdy! I’m Max. I’ve been at this dang ol’ radio since my freshman year and have gotten to do a bit of everything here. I love the nerdy, technical aspects of radio and sound engineering, and I’m always down for a chat about anything radio or Silver Jews-related! You can contact me @maxsimonsays on Instagram or until further notice.

Rebecca Hanson '24

Rebecca Hanson

Stage Manager

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I order gear for shows and make sure everyone has earplugs. I believe protecting your hearing is the most important part of live music. I’m constantly looking for new wires, cables, and especially dongles. I love books and ugly sweaters.

Reach out at at or @p1neweasels on Instagram! We are always looking for new folks to join our stage crew. Also, please listen to my show at .

Maya Catalan Williamson '23

Maya Catalan Williamson (she/her)

Art Director/Website Manager

 I have many unofficial titles at KPH—Poster Child, Blog-God, WebGremlin, Spreadsheet Genius, Spotify Wrapper—but generally, I’m behind most of the art and design you see across our platforms. With help from other members, I maintain the Blog, our page on the Lewis and Clark website, and our Spotify presence. Please reach out if you’d like to get any art, photography, or writing featured on the Blog or if you’d like to curate a playlist for our Spotify! You can find me at or through my Instagram: @goodslug

Emma Nix '24

Emma Nix (she/her)

Social Media Manager

 Hi everyone, I’m Emma and I run the social media for KPH. My job mainly deals with promoting events and radio shows, as well as keeping up the instagram. Feel free to reach out to me or @emma.nix on instagram. Keep rockin’!

Chloe Pullman '25

Chloe Pullman (she/they)

Studio Manager

Heyo! I’m Chloe and I am the studio manager! I handle all things studio related as well as other radio rock and roll fun. I love playing drums and DJing in the KPH studio on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. Always open for a chat about soup or music. 

Reach out to me at or @pullmanchloe on Instagram.

Eli Bolan '24

Eli Bolan (he/him)

Booking Coordinator

I am Eli. I may find a band or two to play at a concert on campus. Other than that I like to watch basketball and I teach kids how to play drums to make money. You can contact me via my Instagram @3xtuk or my email

Alice Merschat '24

Alice Merschat (she/they)

Radio Manager

Hi, I’m Alice, one of the radio managers! I work with booking, organizing events, and KPH’s partnership with the Portland Radio Project. You can contact me anytime via email :) 

Contact info:

Lilly Sather '25

Lilly Sather (she/her)

General Member

Nice to meet you, I’m Lilly! I just joined KPH this year, so I mainly do odd jobs at the moment (including, but not limited to: helping out with the blog and website, sending a couple emails, and organizing the filing cabinet). Feel free to reach out to me about odd things @lilly_sather on Instagram or email me at

Tess Northcutt '26

Tess Northcutt (she/they)

General Member

Lover of music, radio, baked goods, bass, cats, and the Talking Heads. Tess is a new member to KPH and helps out with anything, but mostly radio-related business and the blog. Email:

Alli Sanders '26

Alli Sanders she/they

General Member

I love all things music, history, playing banjo, and rocks. I help out with managing the spotify and working on other various projects. Currently, I’m working with Tess to catalog the physical music in the KPH space! I am always free to chat about whatever strikes your fancy. You can contact me on instagram @allisanders_ or via

Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 1.36.55 PM.png

Maya Tauber (she/her)

General Member

Hi there, I’m Maya! I love music and movies and kombucha and hosting my silly radioshow (Mondays at 2 if you were wondering). I do a little bit of everything at the station, so if you have any burning questions or want to talk about literally anything you can reach me at or @maya.tauber on Instagram :).

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