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KPH Staff Photo (1989)

Courtesy of Lewis and Clark College digital archives

Join KPH!

Become a DJ

Our DJ's broadcast a wide variety of material. Some use their air-time to have animated debates about pop culture, some perform live band sets, others explore the rich histories of different subcultures of music, and some simply play whatever they're listening to at the moment. Whatever you're interested we're interested in; there's no cap on content you can create as a DJ for KPH.

Becoming a DJ is easy and you can do so at any time in the semester! It is mandatory that you complete steps 1-3 in this order.

1. Take a look at our current Radio Schedule for open slots (you must use your Lewis and Clark email to sign up).

2. Write your name and the names of any co-hosts in your chosen slot as a place-holder.

3. Fill out our Google Form to confirm your spot. 

4. Tell us more! Help us advertise your show by giving it a name and a description to put on our site.

Once you finish we'll email with you with all the necessary information to get your show started and you can start broadcasting that week!

Join our Board of Directors

KPH Radio is completely run by students, for students. Our Board of Directors meet weekly to talk about improving our shows, developing content for the Blog, and planning live events on campus. We're always looking for more folks to help out and contribute ideas so there's no limit on when you can join or what you can do for the Radio.

If you'd like to get involved, email us at or reach out to any of our directors.

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