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Assorted 2023 Albums and My Thoughts (because my opinions are the most important)

By Rebecca Hanson

Wednesday - Rat Saw God: Karly Hartzman grew up in Greensboro, and you can tell. 

Listen to: “Bull Believer,” “Chosen to Deserve,” “Quarry”

Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We: Everyone’s all like “oh, it’s a new Mitski album, we’re so sad.” Have you never sat with yourself and asked what love means when you’re all alone?

Listen to: “The Deal,” “Star,” “My Love Mine All Mine,” “I’m Your Man”

Greg Mendez - S/T: I’m not very enthusiastic about Alex G or Elliott Smith, but I’ll throw down to Greg Mendez and I’m not sure why. 

Listen to: “Rev. John / Friend,” “Goodbye / Trouble,” “Maria” 

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Weathervanes: Oh, to be a divorced father of three.

Listen to: “The King of Oklahoma,” “White Beretta”

Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter - SAVED!: This album got ruined for me when I learned she’s actually from SoCal. That being said, this is what I thought Ethel Cain was going to sound like. 

Listen to: the whole thing. Go in blind and stoned.

Slow Pulp - Yard: I went to their October show and I thought she had the most beautiful voice in the world and I cried while trying to sneak sips of a Montucky Cold Snack. 

Listen to: “Doubt,” “Cramps,” “Slugs”

Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World: I definitely did listen to this, but I have zero recollection of the fact. This could very well be true of all the other legacy acts releasing this year… I won’t name names, but they rhyme with “Blowhive” and “JP Carvey.”

Listen to: ???

Kicksie - Slouch: I would’ve really loved this at age 16 in AP Bio trying to pretend I didn’t notice whenever the girl I liked got up to sharpen her pencil. 

Listen to: “You’re On,” “Go-Getter”

boygenius - The Record: The EP is better. That being said, I went to the listening event at Music Millenium and there were the most older married lesbian couples I’ve ever seen this side of the Sports Bra, so I still count it as a success. 

Listen to (if you somehow haven’t yet): “$20,” “Not Strong Enough”

Squid - Monolith: So many options to be disappointed.

Listen to: “Undergrowth”

Allegra Krieger - I Keep My Feet on the Fragile Plane: Underrated as fuck, my personal album of the year.

Listen to: the whole thing, or “A Place For It To Land,” “Nothing In This World Ever Stays Still,” and “I Wanted to Be.”

Bully - Lucky For You: The coolest girl you know probably loves this one. 

Listen to: “Days Move Slow” 

Colter Wall - Little Songs: To play when you want to feel like a world-weary wanderer who had a heart maybe once, a long time ago, but you, I don’t know, sacrificed love for the road or something. And you hate that “new country crap” on the radio. 

Listen to: “The Coyote and the Cowboy,” “For a Long While,” “Little Songs”

Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall: To everybody’s surprise and delight, I have finally turned on these guys (talented as they may be).

Listen to: “Dancers”

The Japanese House - In The End It Always Does: This is the horniest shit I’ve heard all year. Reader, do you know who Marika Hackman is, or are you normal? 

Listen to: “Touching Yourself,” “Friends”

Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You: An ambitious double album that came out last year.

Listen to: “Certainty,” “Simulation Swarm” 

Sufjan Stevens - Javelin: See what I said about Mitski. I can’t write too much about this one, you kinda just have to listen to it! And isn’t that the point? 

Listen to: “Goodbye Evergreen,” “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” “Shit Talk”

Indigo De Souza - All of This Will End: If Rat Saw God is Cookout, this one’s Food Lion. Those are both compliments.

Listen to: “Younger & Dumber”

Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS: “Everything I do is tragic, every guy I like is gay!” is my most-quoted line this year. 

Listen to: “ballad of a homeschooled girl” 

Chris Farren - Doom Singer: I’m so ride or die for Chris Farren that I considered DM’ing him asking if he needs a lesbian bassist. Chris, if you ever read this, please email me at I have roadie skills too. I’m a hard worker and a good multitasker. I can run doors like nobody’s business.

Listen to: “Only U,” “Cosmic Leash”

 Jeff Rosenstock - HELLMODE: Anyone else getting a hankering to grill up some hot dogs?

Listen to: “LIFE ADMIN”

Samia - Honey: The pop turns are really good!

Listen to: “Charm You, “Honey”

Sprain - The Lamb as Effigy: I’m ending this list now. In their words: see ya later, alligator!

Listen to: Eh… you don’t have to. (Edited… Eli says you should listen to this one)


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