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Wonderful Wednesdays!

By Chloe Pullman


On Wednesday, October 20 an incredible Coop x KLC took place bringing in a crowd of mid-week jammers, sharing enthusiasm and energy for music. Two amazing groups, Jakki and The Pink Smudge and Mt. Zena, performed that evening. Each group’s performance was electric, as they transferred their infectious energy to the whole room. Jakki and The Pink Smudge’s set was personal and so much fun. Jakki Wise’s songwriting is raw and full of such a special energy. The crowd moved, swayed, and jumped to all of Jakki’s songs creating a lively and lovely environment. Jakki and The Pink Smudge lit up the room making the night an unforgettable experience.

The second band that performed on October 20 was Mt. Zena. Mt. Zena gave an absolutely marvelous performance. Their energy and captivating musical force got the crowd moving in a wonderful way. Their set gave the audience the space to let it all out, jump around, and flow with the music. Their performance included songs full of emotion and intensity. It was spectacular to watch Mt. Zena perform, and it was so apparent that they put everything they have into their performances. The show was the perfect way to spend a Wednesday night!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the next Coop x KLC show!

All photos by Kay Oken <3


Please give these artists a listen on Spotify!



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