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Who is "WHY NOT"?

by Chloe Pullman


The indie rock band Why Not is doing big things in the world of music by mixing/blending genres. Based in Minneapolis, MA, Why Not is releasing music that stretches the imagination, and musical limits. Their music is special and very unique. The band’s members include guitarist Isaac Dell, bassist and vocalist Henry Breen, and drummer Joshua MacGregor. Each song Why Not releases is unlike all the rest of their songs, constantly bringing a new feel to their sound. They are creating new genres and having a blast while doing it. Why Nots’ songs are fun and energetic, bringing a very lively vibrancy to their music. Their newest single Faded, is soothing and beautiful, lyrically as well as musically. I asked some questions to Why Nots’ guitarist Isaac Dell to find out more about their process and inspirations.

CP: What is your music making process?

ID: Our music making process these days usually involves culminating multiple ideas or deconstructing something. If that makes sense? We build songs up from nothing in Ableton, and because of this, there is now a greater emphasis on production. It also results in the melding of more electronic sounds with the full band sound. Super collaborative, we will sometimes go somewhere in isolation all together.

CP: Is there a certain emotion or feeling you hope your listeners can get in touch with when listening to your music?

ID: In terms of emotions, I think we use music as a way to express joy. It’s definitely complicated- and it’s not always a joyous sound that’s created- but I think we all make music to have a shared experience with people wherever they are at in the world. There isn't any conscious effort to create anything that's going to have the same effect on everyone. But I do believe because of how joyous the process of creation is for us, it often translates to the final product.

CP: What inspires you and your style of music as a band?

ID: We listen to everything under the sun- so I don’t know what the best answer is for this one. I will say that I believe WE inspire each other as musicians within the band. It isn't necessarily competitive, but we all bring something special that the other can’t bring. So when we come together there’s a lot that’s discovered when we play or create together.


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