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Tony Molina Keeps it Close

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

By Ben Forsberg


Listen to the interview below!

In the wake of the release of Tony's 2019 compilation album, Songs from San Mateo County, I rang the man himself up to talk about hardcore, songwriting, The Beatles, circus music, dickheads on the Internet, opportunist piece of shit "underground" bands, Ovens, listening to the Blue Album when you're ten, being afraid to play pop music, compromising your band's ethics, Hannah and Naomi (<3), the fallout of "Dissed and Dismissed", Bart Thurber, The Secret of Life by The Dead Milkmen, records with your name on the cover, not wanting to listen to Sublime, mellow heavy music, not liking your own band, and other dope shit!

Seriously a treat to talk to my favorite musician and the greatest songwriter of our generation. Musical interludes serve as an overview of Tony's work with the Ovens and solo stuff. Try and take notes better than you do in class cus here's a real education.

Listen here! -->


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