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Missed Connections are BACK with @kphmissedconnections


Welcome to KPH Missed Connections: the radio show where we read your missed connections LIVE on the air!

The Lewis and Clark Missed Connections page on Facebook (established on Feb. 5, 2013) was a blessed and iconic hub for every LC student to expel their cute, creepy, and cringey confessions completely anonymously. Students sent missed connections to anyone they thought they’d miss out on knowing; the class clown from their freshman year bio class that they lost track of, the cutie they see all the time in the bon but whose name remains a mystery, the graduating senior who they want one last chance to hang out with. The missed connection page was a vehicle to shoot your shot with relatively low stakes.

But alas, as the times change, so do the missed connections. After nearly 10 years and more that 10,000 missed connection posts: Instagram killed Facebook, then Facebook bought Instagram, and then it became Meta?—basically, all the cool kids stopped getting facebook accounts. Traffic on the original page died down and it now lies dormant.

In Spring ‘23 we’ve brought back the missed connections format you all know and love—but with a twist! Through our Google Form, students can anonymously submit their missed connections AND request a song to play their special someone to express exactly how they feel. They can also choose to let the DJ pick the perfect song for their predicament.

Each week, on Monday at 6 p.m., our super secret, totally anonymous DJ will read the previous week’s submissions LIVE—often adding snarky commentary and sage advice. We’ll also post all the submissions and their songs to our Instagram: @kphmissedconnections and upload the playlist to the KPH Spotify.

Don’t miss out on your missed connections! Tune in MONDAYS @ 6 P.M.!!!

The first ever Lewis and Clark Missed Connection (posted Feb. 5, 2013):


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