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Get Groovy this Holiday Season!

by Chloe Pullman


All holiday songs are amazing. Year round hits. Now it’s time to blast those holiday tunes louder than ever! Here is a list of my top ten holiday season tunes. Happy Holidays!

1. Last Christmas - Lunar Vacation

2. Christmas Treat - Julian Casablancas

3. Christmas in L.A. - Vulfpeck

4. Christmas Song - Phoebe Bridgers

5. Christmas Time Is Here - Khruangbin

6. If It Be Your Will - HAIM

7. I Won’t Be Home For Chanukah - TeamMate

8. Holiday-ish - The Regrettes, Dylan Minnette

9. Santa Baby - Vulfpeck

10. Did I Make You Cry on Christmas Day? (Well, You Deserved it!) - Peach Pit


Listen to those songs here!!!


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