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Co-op Crowds!

By Chloe Pullman

On October 2nd the Lewis and Clark Coop hosted a KLC x Coop show. The setlist featured New Here, Tough Boy, and Canary Room. The show was very lively and filled to the brim with amazing energy. All the performances were so unique and beautiful, and New Here’s solo act was truly incredible. Their songs filled hearts with all the feels, performed with such a special passion and musical magic. The lyricism of New Here is spectacular, written like a delicately knitted quilt that wraps you up with all the emotions one can feel. Tough Boy also gave an incredible performance. The band’s songs were upbeat and got feet moving every which way. Playful and energetic, Tough Boy’s set brought so many smiles to the crowd. The night ended with the amazing Canary Room. The band had a soft and lovely set, playing songs that were full of love and sweetness. During their performance, the audience got a chance to reflect on what makes the coop, and music, so special. Many of the band members performing on October 2nd were Lewis and Clark alumni. It made the night even more wonderful to see the talent and creativity that runs through Lewis and Clark and beyond. It was a very special night full of joy and extraordinary music. All of the artists are on Spotify to listen to now. Keep an eye for more Coop x KLC shows to come!


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pictures by Aminn Obermayer


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