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By Micael Lonergan

Originally published on the old KLC Tumblr Blog: February 26, 2017

After teasing our abandonment issues for seven months, Atlanta Rapper, Producer, and Awful Records Founder, Father dropped one of the hottest pop-trap singles of the new year “Hands.” The track is one of two collaborations between Father and rising independent producer Meltycanon, whose sound can only be characterized as an (almost too precise) intersection of anime, nintendo, and trap. The young “cute beat” curator laced the single with heavy low end, snare, xylophone, and chimes making Father’s flow fly  dangerously close to “bubblegum trap”[^1] but, as always, the rapper’s deliverance of rowdy rancor energy rawes it up enough to keep it from being a complete hubba bubba beat. The dynamic between Meltycanon’s teen tunes and Father’s deep-seated malignity (see lyrics for further details) makes for track with non-stop momentum; bound to stay in your gut a few minutes after consumption.


This post is part of The KLC blog Archive. The previous & now defunct KLC blog, formally known as The Umbrella, can be found here.


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