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Archive/A Quick Look at Ty Segall’s Sentimental Goblin

By Micael Lonergan

Originally published on the old KLC Tumblr Blog: March

19 2017

Less than 50 days after the release of his self-titled LP, renowned and restless rocker Ty Segall has issued a brand new EP, Sentimental Goblin. While Segall seems to have an endless talent for exploring different niches of rock, the EP remains rooted in the retroactive garage noise he has come to own so well.

Tackling the tracks in reverse order, Sentimental Goblin’s second song was described in its press release as a “lush glam rocker.” In it Segall sings weary melodies over fizzy tunes with a slightly ‘60s infused style, making “Black Magick” unexpectedly wholesome. In contrast to the subdued sounds heard on Side B, the EP’s opening track “Pan” is a warped and sludgy psychedelic jam weaved with riffs and words designed to rip out your bleeding heart.

Destroy yourself here.


This post is part of The KLC blog Archive. The previous & now defunct KLC blog, formally known as The Umbrella, can be found here.


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