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An Interview With Joy Again!!

by Chloe Pullman


Joy Again! An incredible band doing incredible things. You may know them from their hit song, “Looking Out For You”, which has been featured on platforms such as NPR’s “This American Life.” Joy Again has toured with Wallows, Rostam, and will be playing shows with Snail Mail in the spring. I asked Joy Again some questions to find out more about their newest single, “What Lovers Do”, and to get to know the band!

Chloe: What is your music making process?

Will: Every song is a little different, but usually Arthur or Sachi will write a song and bring it to the group. Then the rest of us will chime in with our parts and ideas. Then we’ll record it, and it might completely change during the recording process. There are probably 3-4 different versions of each sound that sound totally different from each other.

Chloe: Who/what are some of your biggest inspirations?

Blaise: I like a lot of artists who experimented with electronic and ambient music and pioneered weird stuff in the 80s/90s and did so in a palatable way for a lot of people like Brian Eno, David Byrne, Kate Bush are some names that come to mind.

Tyndall: I like that one American football song

Will: I think Motown and any song that they play at weddings and big fun family parties are great. I’m inspired to have a song like that. I hope anyone that reads this will play a Joy Again song at their graduation party, wedding, at their kids, and have it be played at their funeral.

Chloe: How has this past year of no-shows affected you as a band- and how does it feel to get back to it?

Blaise: It sucked and now I feel good

Tyndall: I forgot how much I like to rock it with my friends at one point

Will: There were a few times when I thought we wouldn’t get to play any shows again, so when we finally did it was great. But I don’t think it will really sink in until we get to have a show in Philly.

Chloe: What can your listeners expect from your upcoming single, “What lovers do?”

Blaise: I’ve honestly listened to it so many times now that I don’t really know what people are gonna think about it, I think it’s really pretty and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it

Tyndall: makes your heart smile and your brain warm

Chloe: If you could describe “what lovers do” as one of the four seasons, what season would it be?

Blaise: Late Winter / Early Spring

Tyndall: Fall

Will: Early fall

Chloe: What brings you joy (again) as a band?

Will: We usually eat lunch during practices, and I think everyone is happy for that brief moment.


Listen to that new single here!!


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