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The Joys of Live Music

by Chloe Pullman


Live music has made its comeback! More and more live shows have started popping up all over town, and it is an extremely exciting time. As we all have been inside for so long, going to shows has been nothing but a distant dream. Here we are now, back to dancing our hearts out with a room full of strangers. It doesn't get any better than that. The artist Dayglow had a show at the Roseland Theater on September 23 here in the beautiful city of Portland. I only knew one Dayglow song when I bought the ticket, but the idea of a live show was too exciting to pass up. When I arrived at the venue I was immediately reminded of the things I have been missing. Right down to eagerly waiting to get your ticket at will-call, realizing you are wearing the same outfit as every other teenager in line, walking into the venue to take in all the sights, and of course, wishing you had gone to the bathroom before you left.

The lights come on, the crowd gets loud, and suddenly you blend in with this mass of people. You are free to dance your heart out like no one’s watching... because no one is. Dayglow gave an incredible performance. Sloan Struble’s music is fun and warm- it's the perfect music to jump around to. Struble’s hit song, “Can I Call You Tonight”, has become a widely known and loved song. It is light and catchy, with an infectious groove that gets you dancing.

At one point during the show, Struble directed the crowd to turn to the people around them and make some new friends. I found myself meeting incredible people with amazing stories to tell. I met someone who had just moved to Portland that very day, two friends coming from Eugene, someone from my hometown I had never met, someone who was very open and told me his entire life story, and so many more new friends. Live shows are very bonding and it becomes a community for as long as you're there. The whole crowd has a shared love of the music, and each person comes together to create a special memory for everyone. Live music has been missed, and now that it is coming back we can start to listen to music in one of its absolute best forms.



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